Sunday, December 6, 2009

tonight i'll lie awake, feeling empty...

my world feels oddly at peace tonight.

i have no goals or direction in my life. no plans other than movies, seeing him, shopping, working, 'sleep'-ins, reading, watching movies, sitting on facebook/msn etc. and for once, no homework. which i suppose is obvious. because clearly school is over and therefore i have no reason to be doing assignments. no stress, no worries.

ok... so i lie. i do have stress. i do worry.

but for some reason tonight, i don't entirely know why... everything seems fine.

the whole world feels like its spinning the right way again. although ever so slightly off centre... because he cant be with me...

which makes me sound pathetic im sure.

but anyway, thats not what im getting at.

what i was intending to say is that aside from the loneliness thats eating away at me.... im good. i think... you know. tonight everything just seems simple. all i want tonight is him. he is all i need for tonight to just be... peaceful... right.


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