Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cos you're so perfect and i can't measure up...

im sick of dealing with your crap. you didnt do better than me. in fact, you did worse. so dont guilt trip me with expectations. i know you expected me to do better.

but you know what? i didnt. cos you know why? i couldnt.

i did my best.

and i messed up. ok?

so just... leave it.

leave me to be miserable.

i know you think you're perfect. but youre not. i know you think you're better than everyone. but youre not. i know you think i've failed you. but i havent.

no one could ever be as disappointed in me as you are. i know that. but you know what? i dont care. no one else is disappointed in me. so maybe your opinion doesnt even matter.

its not that bad... its really not.

so maybe its time you grow up, act your age and tell me 'well done, congratulations.' but of course, you wont.

because you can never just... be happy...


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