Friday, March 19, 2010

this is a gift, it comes with a price...

So I suppose I should apologise to everyone. I've kinda been over grumpy lately, taking things out on some of you who don't deserve it. And it hasn't been your fault.

My week has been a crazy mix of accusations, threats and bitching. All of which has basically lead to me being a moody bitch.

But I don't know, I suppose it's kinda hard not to get upset about rumours that you're pregnant, people wishing you were dead, and people informing you that eveyone hates you.

But I\m trying to brush it off now, it doesn't really matter that much. Those who know me know who I am... And seem to like it.

I've been so amazed at the support I've recieved from everyone too. Even people I hardly talk to have emailed me or spoken to me and offered their support and told me that they think I'm a lovely person. So many people have offered to be there for me if I need it.

It's also really helped me discover who some of my truest friends are. You know? Those people who've let me rant at them or cry on them or just spaz at them. And those who have posted massive rants in my defence (and of course those who posted small rants too :D). Those who have just told me they love me and I shouldn't listen to the haters.

But you know what's been funny? Charming's friends... Who I hardly kow at all. Like three of whom I've met before, and the rest I haven't. And the way they have all jumped to my defense too. It surprises me how just chatting to someone on facebook, or formspring, or whatever... Even just hearing me mentioned by him (seeing as I suppose that's why they added me in the first place)... They are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and say that I seem like a good person to them.

I think its pretty cool. :D


Windshadows said...

That's because you are freakin AWESOME leish <3

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