Monday, March 15, 2010

The Life Game

So I've decided to take an idea from Ben over at Closer To The Heart with his most recent post, The Life Game. The general idea is to write a wikipedia style biography for yourself using the various video games you've played. It's just supposed to be a bit of fun. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Leisha was eight when she first began solving mysteries. Sensing her immense skill and ability she was hired for her detective work at a remote beachside hotel [Detective Barbie 2].

She then grew up a little and decided to help the professor solve some random crime she can't remember a thing about anymore [Rugrats All Growed Up].

Leisha then took a short break from her detective work to enter a horse riding competition however she found herself on the lookout for Golden Horseshoes in order to save the ranch [Saddle Club Game].

After this "break", Leisha was recruited to help Theressa find her missing fashions after they were stolen from a New York fashion show. this adventure took her to Paris, Tokyo and Egypt [Secret Agent Barbie].

Leisha then retired from the detective life to run a chain of very successful Cruiseliners [Cruiseship Tycoon] and Theme Parks [Roller Coaster Tycoon 2+3].

So there we go. My life in the lame arse video games I've played.


shootingatspiders said...

dude, you're hilarious.I must take part in this game...

Windshadows said...

Leish, that's one of the lamest things I have ever read.....XD Geez play some real games! :P

Jac-in-a-Box said...

i would love to take part in this game, but i think i've played way way way too many games... oh gosh /drowns in thoughts of video games xP

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