Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Secret love, my escape, take me far,, far away... please take me anywhere but here...

I love the way that a good day can be ruined so easily...

Or maybe it's just me.

Maybe I am actually incapable of just... being happy.

It hurts that nobody hears what I say.

It hurts that you can walk straight past me and not notice.

It hurts that you don't care.

It hurts that you didn't notice.

It hurts that you never notice.

It hurts that I can't brush it off and get over it like anyone else could.


That Girl said...

I noticed, tried to listen (everyone was so fing loud today) and saw you lots, but it twas not enough, you weren't around much... although the suffocation of how many people there really is in our school is sorta pissing me off.

plus, you can be happy, think about... your birthday and this morning. i still don't understand how you could have been so happy when you were doing homework :)

anyways, i love you very much so and whomever is being ignorant, well they suck, they're losers and as we have learnt in classics, those who are ignorant, usually get what's coming to 'em... think Oedipus or Jocasta.

That Girl said...

p.s. thankyou, i have been so lonely. the only blogger blogging without your blogs to read :(

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

Yeah... Sorry about that. Once I got upset I tried to stay away so I didn't yell at anyone...

And it was just... I woke up happy because of a message and... It put me in an amazing mood and they ruined it.

But I don't want people to die or gouge their eyes out with broaches D:

And naww. I'm sorry. I shall have to start blogging again :)

That Girl said...

well i hope you get more awesome messages.

and no worries with the space-ness.

plus they won't get blinded, just idk whatevs they deserve.

:D awesome

Leish said...

:D WEWT! I dont know what i shall blog about though................... but ok :)

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