Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am not terribly fond of bad days. None of us are though I suppose.

I think possibly the worst part of it is that I know exactly what is wrong, but that I cannot do anything about it. Instead I am forced just to let it slowly eat away at me until I snap and scream. Or say something mean or out of line that isn't even true most of the time, just because I want someone else to hurt too.

Which then makes me sound absolutely mean and spiteful. Which I wasn't once upon a time.

And now I'm not so sure.

What do you do when you don't even like who you are anymore? Then again I haven't liked myself for a long time. I guess it's more that I'm realising what I put other people through now...

And that's just making everything worse.

I can't even say what the real reason is.

Not that it would matter if I did I suppose, I don't think anyone actually reads this anyway. I suppose I just write it to get the crap out of my head.

You know, it doesn't even matter anyway.

Maybe everyone should just froget it...

And forget me...


shootingatspiders said...

never. never ever ever ever.
I was talking with nathan and Tess yesterday about how you can pretty much tell which friends you will and won't keep in touch with after school. The first thing I said was that I know at least one that I plan on keeping for a very long time. I said that I can picture you and me eating cookie dough and watching chickflicks when we're fifty.
Nathan said he reckons we'll be lifelongs.

i will NEVER forget you...
PS mizesso

The knower of all said...

i will never froget you either. you will not be frogotten. No frogetting will take place. etc etc

Leish said...

oh 'Knower of All' I do wish you would stop picking on my awful spelling. (I do know who you are by the way lol).

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